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Niche Sellers Outperform Major E-Tailers in Halloween Search Results

Consumers Love Halloween!

Over 179 million Americans partake in Halloween festivities and most shop by mid-October. For 2017, Halloween spending is expected to reach $9.1 Billion!


Where do the consumer begin their search? Online search tops the list, followed by store visits.


Let's dive into online search and see how ecommerce sellers are doing.

We wanted to know which ecommerce sellers have the best visibility in Google's results. Plus, we took it a step further and looked at product pages and the content health of those product pages.

The Analysis
Keywords: 568 ("*halloween*", "*costume*", etc.), ~10M searches per month.
Domains: 79 (horizontal and vertical sellers)
Unique landing pages: 6510
Unique Product pages: 2289 (35%)

Top Domains in Google Search Results
Aside from Google, Party City, Halloween Costumes and Pinterest top the list.


Factoring in keyword search volume (~10M searches per month), Halloween Costumes tops the list, followed by niche sellers. Major retailers Amazon, Walmart, and Target rank near the bottom.

Top 10 Halloween Share-of-Voice Leaders


Google Rankings
Niche sellers outranked big retailers in our research.

RankDomainAvg RankUniq KWsUniq URLs
1.halloweencostumes.com 5.8 474 294
2.partycity.com 6.4 489 558
3.spirithalloween.com 10.4 434 218
4.halloweenexpress.com 11.9 459 263
5.amazon.com 12.5 509 691
6.buycostumes.com 13.0 420 225
7.walmart.com 14.2 444 323
8.target.com 14.6 462 597
9.costumesupercenter.com 15.0 364 207
10.ebay.com 15.6 249 233
11.disneystore.com 18.1 96 66
12.costumeexpress.com 19.4 305 166
13.wholesalehalloweencostumes.com 19.6 332 173

Party City, Amazon, Walmart, Target and eBay all have similar counts of keywords and urls, meaning they have a unique page for almost every keyword. This could be explained by the buildout of niche taxonomy pages, like 'batman costumes', 'frozen costumes', etc. Some sites like Amazon and Party City have more urls than keywords, meaning they have more than 1 result appearing for each keyword.

Product pages
Amazon gains ground here as their strength is product pages. Two specialty sites barely outrank Amazon.

Product Pages
RankDomainAvg RankUniq KWsUniq URLs
1.partycity.com 7.8 120 246
2.halloweencostumes.com 10.5 45 51
3.amazon.com 10.8 317 527
4.disneystore.com 13.9 30 30
5.walmart.com 14.0 107 138
6.target.com 14.6 141 201
7.buycostumes.com 20.0 84 86
8.halloweenexpress.com 21.1 80 106
9.spirithalloween.com 22 63 68
10.ebay.com 22.1 19 22
11.orientaltrading.com 23.5 84 81
12.costumesupercenter.com 24.1 33 37
13.chasing-fireflies.com 24.2 74 75


  1. Product pages make up 35% of mix of pages in Google's results.

  2. Most of the domains have more urls than keywords indicating that Google is displaying more than 1 result from that domain. Amazon and Party City show this in particular.

  3. Gotta give a shoutout to chasing-fireflies.com for representing in a largly brand-dominant world.

Content Health
Now, let's go to Content Health for the product pages.

Content Analytics analyzed the big retailers: Amazon, Walmart and Target. SkuRank analyzed the speciality retailers.

Amazon scored the highest and Target the lowest. Low scores are attributed to product availability (out of stock), weak descriptions, number of images, and number of reviews. All in all, it's a bit surprising to see the scores so low for all of them.

Major Retailers
(by Content Analytics)
Content HealthAmazonWalmartTarget
Overall Score58%56%23%
Products Analyzed528122181
Avg Rank10.814.014.6
Out of Stock71231
Missing Image1000
Only 1 Image24835167
Missing Description12000
Weak Descriptions3094597
Weak Titles3349320
No Reviews385163
Specialty Retailers
(by SkuRank)
Content HealthParty CitySpirit HalloweenHalloween Costumes
Products Analyzed2156751
Avg Rank7.82210.5
Avg Description Word Length8373282
# Products Less than Avg1083717
# Products More than Avg1073497




So what do we make of all this?

The specialty halloween sites trump the giants when it comes to search discovery and findability. Their laser product focus and attention to SEO probably explains that. As a wise colleague told me, 'it's not that they (the specialty sites) have any better (SEO) tricks, they just take the time to do it right'. I guess that is the lesson for the big sites.

Enjoy your Halloween!

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National Retail Federation
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