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Early Black Friday / CyberMonday SEO Results Show Affiliate Sellers Dominate

It's Nov 1st 2017 and already Black Friday news is making headlines. It's that time of year when retailers and e-commerce sellers ramp operations because most of their sales are made in Nov & Dec. As they say in the business, the first 10 months of the year are in preperation for the next 2 months.

  • Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) Friday Nov 24th
  • CyberMonday (the Monday following Black Friday) Monday Nov 27th

The National Retail Federation says that on Black Friday 2016 there were an estimated 154 million shoppers of which 44% shopped online vs 40% in-store (it's not clear where the other 16% went). And the average spending per person was just under $300. 2016 Black Friday sales reached 3.34 billion.

And CyberMonday, 162 million consumers shopped online and sales reached 3.45 billion.

Ok, so lots of shopping and sales going on!

Let's put our SEO hats on and see who is winning SEO marketshare in Google's search results for Black Friday and CyberMonday searches. As of Nov 1 2017, we wanted to get an early preview into how things are looking.

For the SEO geeks paying attention, these results come from 1k BF keywords, totaling 8.5 million searches per month.

Black Friday, Google Share-of-Voice

Clearly, we see that BF is dominated by affiliate sellers like theblackfriday.com, bestblackfriday.com, dealnews.com and blackfriday.com. The big retailers, Walmart, Amazon, Target are ranked 8th position on. Why does Google prioritize rank for affiliate sellers during Black Friday when shoppers tend to go to stores? Hmm...

Black Friday, Google Domain Rank

Note the few pages that rank NUM_URLs against the large number of keywords NUM_KWs. Major top-of-funnel search play here. Again we see that the major retailers aren't ranking so well (position 10+) against the affiliates.

CyberMonday, Google Share-of-Voice
444 keywords, totaling 800k searches per month. I don't believe GetStat has pulled in seasonal search volume yet for CyberMonday as it seems too low.


CyberMonday is the reverse of BF with the big retailers now at the top of the list along with a few affiliates. As for the retailers, Amazon tops the list with 17% SOV, followed by Best Buy, Walmart and Target.

CyberMonday, Google Domain Rank

Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart trump the search rankings against a large set of keywords and small set of landing pages.

Final Thoughts
You would think that the big-box retailers (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc) would rank better for BF since this day+weekend is geared toward visiting stores and then vice versa for CyberMonday where consumers shop from online (home and work). It would make sense that CyberMonday would be where all the affiliates get action but we see the reverse. Hmm...

Well, tune in mid-end-month Nov and let's see if things have changed. I'm sure the results will be different.

UPDATE: See how the sites are trending in the SERPS as the big days near.