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Black Friday / CyberMonday SEO Volatility

[Nov 24th]
Black Friday is here. See how the e-commerce and affiliate sites are jockeying in SERP rankings and marketshare. In case you missed it, check part I of this story covering deeper analysis.

Black Friday Share-of-Voice Trend

Nov 1 2017Nov 16 2017Nov 23 2017

Take notice that the big 3 (Amazon, Walmart, Target) are not ranked in the top 5 positions during the 3 time periods. It's dominated by affiliates and news sites.

Cybermonday Share-of-Voice Trend

Nov 1st 2017Nov 16 2017Nov 23 2017

BestBuy seems to be the winner here maintaining top 5 position during all 3 time periods. Amazon and Walmart trade up and down.

[Nov 16th]
BGR Media
Never heard of this site till now. They are cleary optimized for BF. It's interesting that they rank so well for CM and not so well for BF.

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