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Who’s Winning SEO for Gaming Chairs?

Strap yourself in your chair and get ready to play! The gaming chair market is hot. With gammers spending hours and hours immersed in a virtual fantasy world, it is important to be comfortable, ergonomical, and especially look cool.


Surprisingly, there are a lot of computer gaming chairs (over 500) to choose from to keep you going all day long. These are a few of the product categories.

  • Video Rocker
  • Racing Seat
  • Bean Bags
  • Racing Simulator
  • Pedastal Chairs

And the top brands:

  • DXRacer
  • X Rocker
  • Arozzi
  • ThunderX3
  • Vertagear
  • Subsonic
  • SecretLab
  • N.Seat

And the selling price ranges from $50 to $2000! You might need a massage after paying that - oh wait, that is an option.

With the gaming chair market this hot, let's see who is winning the SEO game (ha ha).

SEO Click-Share for Gaming Chairs


Our analysis looked at ~360 gaming chair keywords representing approximately ~800k searches per month in Google. Further, we broke things down to look at winners and losers with a focus on assortment levels and SEO friendly shelf pages (aka browse pages, category pages, refinement pages, faceted search, child pages).

[#1] Amazon
15.6% click-share
Avg Google position: 5
Assortment: 500+


Breaking this down and looking at page types, we see that 288 pages are browse related and 73 are products. But of the browse pages, only 20 are unique pages! And of the product pages, 41 are unique. Most of the search traffic is landing on the main category gaming chair page.

Amazon has invested in a wide set of taxonomy pages which helps their SEO. Each one of these refinements is a unique SEO page.

Yet, I am surprised there is not more for some popular queries in this category, like these to name a few:

  • Swivel gaming chairs
  • Race car gaming chairs
  • Folding gaming chairs
  • Sports gaming chairs

Nevertheless, due to Amazon's domain strength, wide assortment and large set of pages, it's not all that surprising they dominate the category, however, it's strange that so much of the query traffic is going to a small set of pages with such a diverse set of pages.

Shoutout to the speciality sites

Four specialty brands rank and one blog. DXRacer is leading.

Specialty sites:
[#2] 7.8% DXRacer - brand for professional computer gaming chairs
[#3] 5.5% High Ground Gaming - blog for "optimizing your gaming experience"
[#5] 4.0% OPSeat - brand for professional computer gaming chairs
[#6] 2.7% Vertagear - brand for professional game chairs
[#8] 2.1% Arozzi - brand for professional computer gaming chairs

Back to the big etailers...

Who's got game?

[#4] Best Buy
4% click-share
Assortment: 100+

BB strength here suprises me. They have a respectable assortment just over 100 chairs and do a pretty good job with SEO friendly taxonomy pages.

[#7] Walmart
2.6% click-share.
Assortment: 30 or 100 ?

Walmart has 2 category level gaming chair pages appearing in Google. And each one has a different assortment size. Hmm...


Further, the refinement pages are not SEO friendly. When the brand refinement option is selected it resolves to the canonical version without the refinement.


However, I see the brand pages are indexed so they must be coming from elsewhere on the site or sitemap.


With more investment in page architecture and hygine, I think WMT could climb in rankings with it's strong DA.

Who's losing?

[#13] Target
1.7% click-share
Assortment: 35

This one is easy. Much smaller assortment and less page breadth & depth. Target is showing only ~35 gaming chairs and they lack the quantity of pages indexed needed in order to compete in SEO.

With investment in assortment and page buildout, Target could be a contender.

[#22] eBay
<1% click-share.
Old SEO wounds are hard to heal. eBay built out a plethera of SEO pages prior to 2014 that eventually Google "dinged" (penalized). Their hub gaming chair page is a BHP page - one of the main page types hit. Who know's if this page was hit or not? Nevertheless, it's appears to be a legit clean landing page with lots of assortment, SEO friendly child pages and content at the bottom of the page to give it relevancy boost. Why it does not perform better in search will take more digging into.

Wrapping it up

Well, there you have it. If you'd like to learn more about this analysis , please drop us an email. Till the next category...

BTW, the best gaming chairs, if you're in the market.